Tuesday, December 7, 2010

total health

Total Body Wellness

Total Body Wellness has a variety of products to fit needs such as weight loss, weight gain, colon cleansing, supplemental nutrition.
1. Detox Colon FiberTM is mixed with 100% or water and taken three times a day. This is the foundation of the cleanse, removing old fecal matter from the bowels and working on the other systems of the body to eliminate toxins,
2. Superior GreensTM is mixed with
water, soy, almond or rice milk and taken twice daily. This super-food helps to ensure that the body receives all the necessary nutrients for full body function during the detoxification process.

Pro Life Meal Replacement Beverage Mix is mixed with soy, almond, rice milk or water and gradually ingested throughout the day. This helps the body's cells metabolize correctly and deal with the stress of the cleansing process.